Family Awarded $89 Million in Lawsuit Against Trucking Company

Large truck accident lawsuit


A Texas jury awarded a Houston woman $89.7 million in a lawsuit against a large trucking firm. The lawsuit stemmed from a 2014 crash with a big rig on Interstate 20 in Odessa, Texas. The accident killed the woman’s 7-year-old son, paralyzed her 12-year-old daughter and caused extensive brain damage to another son.

The big rig was owned and operated by Werner Enterprises and was being driven by a student driver at the time of the crash. According to the details of the case, the area was experiencing bad weather on the day of the crash and the National Weather Service had issued warnings for freezing rain and icy conditions. The driver was reportedly traveling at 50 MPH just before the crash. He was on a schedule that required him to make a delivery in California the following day.

Dangerous Trucking Company Practices

This case illustrates the dangerous practices in which some trucking companies might participate. The attorney in this case stated that the truck driver should have taken another route due to weather conditions, but because of an expedited delivery schedule, he had to remain on the road. An inexperienced driver might have been unaware of the consequences of remaining on the road during these conditions.

There are many instances such as this one, in which big rig drivers were negligent while on the road. One of the factors in some accidents is fatigue due to driving for long periods of time. Drivers are often paid by the load and therefore need to try to handle the delivery in as short a time as possible. Fatigue on the roads is one of the most serious problems because it can be just as deadly as drunk driving.

Another factor may be distracted driving. This includes texting while driving, which is illegal in the state of Texas. Distractions are activities that cause drivers to take their eyes on the road, their hands off the wheel or their minds off driving. Texting requires a driver to engage in all three types of distractions, making it a very dangerous activity.

Injuries in Big Rig Accidents

When a vehicle collides with a big rig, it often results in very severe injuries. As in this case, victims may suffer back and neck injuries that cause paralysis, head trauma that can cause a traumatic brain injury or fatalities. Victims and their families may suffer financially due to the enormous medical bills for treatment and ongoing care. In addition, they also deal with pain and suffering and other damages that are directly related to the injuries.

First and foremost, families need to deal with their immediate medical needs. Then, they will need to work with the insurance company to get compensation for their damages. Unfortunately, insurance companies may not provide a settlement that will adequately cover all of the current and future expenses. An experienced truck accident attorney will work to get you the settlement you and your family deserve.

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