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Semi-Truck Lost Load of Lumber on Eastex Freeway

Semi-truck lost load of lumber.






A semi-truck traveling on the Eastex Freeway in Houston lost its load of lumber in the northbound lanes near Kingwood Drive. It is unclear exactly what caused the load to be spilled onto the highway. However, it caused a major backup that lasted more than six hours. The truck was carrying a load of lumber with thousands of pieces that spilled out onto the roadway. The semi-truck accident occurred at about 4:30 p.m. creating a severe traffic jam in the area.

An aerial shot of the freeway taken from a helicopter above the scene showed many thousands of pieces of wood strewn across all lanes of the road. Several injuries were reported and there was severe damage to at least several cars. Witnesses reported seeing cars being towed from the scene with large pieces of lumber sticking out from the windshield and other damage from the loose lumber.

An eyewitness driving near the truck stated that the truck swerved and then lost control as lumber began spilling from the rig. This particular witness hit a piece of wood at which time his car rolled over and landed back on its wheels. Thankfully, he was unhurt. Others were transported to the hospital with injuries.

Loose Loads are a Serious Concern for Drivers

Truck drivers are required to secure their loads properly before they begin their journeys. When a load is not secured adequately, it can cause serious problems. One of the most common problems can occur when the load shifts unexpectedly. When a driver changes lanes or stops quickly, an unsecured load can cause the driver to lose control of the semi-truck. When this happens, the truck may begin to swerve and the driver may not regain control.

Another problem occurs when a load is not adequately secured and becomes completely loose from the big rig, as it did in this case. The load spills out onto the roadway, hitting other vehicles and creating a serious hazardous condition and often lost load accidents.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA, regulates and oversees commercial truck safety. Truck drivers are required to secure their loads in a specific manner according to the rules and guidelines. Different types of loads require various methods to keep them secure. In this case, it is possible that the rules were not properly followed. The load  may have come loose because it was not secured adequately.

An investigation needs to be done to determine exactly what caused the load to shift and spill onto the road. The truck will have to be inspected to see how the load was secured. In addition, the driver will be questioned to find out how he secured the lumber and whether he inspected the load before he got on the road.

If you are involved in a crash that is caused by a semi-truck, there are several things you should do. First, call the police and obtain contact information from the truck driver. Get medical treatment for your injuries. Keep all your medical records for reimbursement or payment. Contact an experienced truck accident attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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