Why 18-wheeler wrecks are so bad

The truth is that big rigs, or semi trucks, are so much larger and heavier than the other traffic on our Texas highways that an accident with a big rig is usually a very bad accident.

Larger Size and Weight Means More Damage in a Crash

A tractor can weigh up to 20,000 pounds without the trailer or a load. A tractor-trailer can easily weigh in at 80,000 pounds and can devastate cars and pickups even at moderate speed.

Seatbelts and airbags offer little protection when a vehicle weighing under 5000 pounds gets run over by one way and 80,000 pounds. There have been fatal truck accidents where the speed of the big rig was under 15 mph. Additionally, because a tractor-trailer is an articulated vehicle, the odds of the truck driver losing control after an emergency brake application is fairly large.

Greater Stopping Distance

When you add that an 18 – Wheeler takes approximately 1/3 longer to stop than a passenger vehicle, it is easy to understand why truck drivers must be extremely safe in their driving. When truck drivers violate a rule, the public truly becomes endangered.

One of the most important rules that a professional truck driver must follow is the requirement that they inspect their tractor and trailer daily to ensure that it is in safe operating condition. The employer, the motor carrier, must ensure that all of the trucks on the roadway under their banner are safe and in proper operating condition.

Truck Condition can be an Issue

After a serious truck wreck, if the vehicle’s condition may have played any part in the accident, it is imperative that the attorney you select be prepared to inspect the vehicle with qualified experts on trucking regulations and big rigs.

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It is not enough that the attorney you select has experience but the results they have achieved in truck wreck litigation should be analyzed to see if it is the best choice for protecting your family’s financial future.

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