Why A Tractor Trailer Jackknifes



Jackknife accidents happen when the tractor travels at a different speed than the attached trailer. Because a big rig is what we call an articulated vehicle, speed changes can quickly lead to a jacked-up situation.


The disparity in speed between the cab of the truck and the trailer can be caused by:


  • Sudden application of the brakes
  • Significant steering input
  • Trailer swing
  • Poor road conditions
  • Poor truck driver training
  • Inappropriate steering input


Basically, when the trailer does not slow down at the same rate as the cab of the vehicle, the trailer will push at the cab of the semi-truck causing it to spin out of control.


One of the reasons truck drivers must be appropriately trained is to prevent unnecessary jackknife accidents. After a big rig reaches a certain point there is little if anything a truck driver can do to avoid a jackknife.


Jackknife accidents can be extremely serious for the motoring public around the semi-truck and truck driver. We have represented many victims of the object type accident and also truck drivers who were injured in the accident caused by a jackknife.


Trucking companies must make sure that the trucks in their fleet or safe for the roadway. An adequate and well-maintained braking system is a key component to truck safety on our highways. If there are brake issues with the tractor and trailer, the vehicle can easily jackknife and then bad things can happen.


A checkbox can also occur when the trailer swings out to a side because of either slippery road conditions or in some cases high winds. Being a properly trained truck driver is a critical component of highway safety.


If you or are loved one has been injured in a truck accident where the vehicle jackknifed call the experienced truck accident attorneys for a free case evaluation consultation and to learn of your rights and options.

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