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100 car pileup in beaumont, texas

Well over one hundred cars were involved in a pile-up outside of Beaumont Texas on Interstate 10. Apparently, two vehicles crashed in what was described as dense fog that led to a massive multiple vehicle crash.

The chain reaction resulted in a stretch of cars and eighteen-wheelers that was over 1 mile long. Reports indicate that up to eighty people were transported to hospitals for treatment and two people were reported killed.

While the initial culprit appears to have been fog, it is important to note that professional truck drivers have a duty under the safety regulations to use extreme caution under hazardous conditions such as fog. The professional driver must reduce speed in foggy conditions and when the vision becomes sufficiently dangerous, discontinue the trip and get off the road.

Several years ago we handled a very serious injury truck accident involving a similar scenario only the accident in the fog was on US 290 and was not this size or scope of this pileup. While there were very serious injuries and we were able to successfully pin the accident responsibility on the trucking companies to obtain a favorable result for our clients.

While all people can benefit from knowledge of and practicing the safety regulations that apply to truck drivers, knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations is critically important for the attorney handling a Texas truck accident case.

There are many attorneys who advertise for truck accidents but may or may not be familiar with the specific rules and regulations that a truck driver must follow. It is these rules and regulations that can make a big difference in truck accident litigation.

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