18-Wheeler Crash Leaves Driver Dead

Tire failure leads to fatal truck wreck


A truck driver from Conroe, Texas was killed when the 18-wheeler he was driving overturned. The crash happened on State Highway 6 near Rice Road in Riesel, Texas.

According to reports, the big rig suffered a tire blow-out. This caused the driver to lose control of the truck, and it swerved. He was not able to gain control of the vehicle, and the load he was carrying was dislodged in the crash.

The northbound lanes were closed while the accident was investigated and removed. The Department of Public Safety continues to investigate.

This crash demonstrates the potential consequences of a truck tire blowout on the highway. Although trucks have 18 wheels, a single blowout can cause the driver to lose control of the entire vehicle. In this case, the driver was carrying a large, heavy cement block. It may have made it difficult to regain control of the vehicle, and it actually came off the truck during the crash.

Sadly, the truck driver was killed in the crash. My heart goes out to his family. No other vehicles were involved in the incident. Many times, other drivers are not so lucky.

When a truck is out of control, it swerves back and forth in the lanes, sometimes crashing into other vehicles along the way. If the truck overturns, as in this instance, it can be extremely difficult for other drivers to avoid the crash.


Importance of Tire Safety


Big rig drivers are required to insect the tires of the tractor-trailers they drive before and at the end of each day. This inspection gets documented in a log book which the driver signs each day. Trucking companies must insure the trucks are safe and road worthy by adopting policies which support the safety regulations they must follow.

These rules for commercial truck drivers were adopted to reduce the number of truck accidents by preventing accidents caused by the condition of the 18-wheeler.

Every day drivers should also inspect their tires frequently and replace old or worn tires. Use the penny test- place a penny in the tread of your tires with Lincoln’s head down. If Lincoln’s head is not covered by the tread, it is time for new tires.

tire safety penny test


Trucks Carry Heavy Loads

Large 18-wheelers, also known as semi-trucks, are allowed to carry large and heavy loads and may weigh up to 18,000 pounds. When a tire blows out, the driver may have a hard time trying to keep the truck on the roadway. Complicating the situation, a heavy load that is not properly placed or secured could contribute to a more serious crash.

Truck loads that are not properly placed on the truck might cause the truck to act differently, especially if the driver needs to swerve or make a quick stop.

The load changes the center of gravity and makes controlling the truck extremely difficult. Even skilled drivers may find it impossible to make corrections if something happens, such as when a tire blows out.

Other drivers on the road are in danger and may not even realize it. Truck drivers and companies need to be careful when loading a vehicle and in making sure that it is adequately secured. For example, if a load shifts on the truck, it can cause the driver to lose control and an accident may result.

In the case mentioned above, the truck driver sustained fatal injuries, but in many other instances, the major injuries are sustained by victims in the other vehicles involved in the crash.

When someone is injured in an 18-wheeler crash, recovery may be a long, difficult, and expensive process. You and your family may deserve full compensation from the responsible party. You may be owed money for damages that include medical bills and rehabilitation costs as well as money for pain, suffering, lost wages and disability.

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