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Another semi truck rollover in houston

Semitruck rollover in houston.

Yet again we have a tractor-trailer rolling over and shutting down traffic on a major Houston highway.

The latest truck wreck occurred yesterday morning on the Northwest Freeway close to Beltway 8. The big truck rolled over and what it did crashed into a concrete barrier dividing the highway from the HOV lanes.

The impact of the big rig damage the barriers and snarled traffic for hours.

Another big truck rolled over on the Katy Freeway near the grand Parkway and blocked two lanes of traffic for over four hours.

Houston commuters continue to suffer from both lack of adequate highway and big truck crashes that snarl and impede commuters for hours.

The fact that Houston commuters may be used to such accidents and delays is not an excuse for the negligence on the part of certain motorists and the lack of adequate lanes of Highway on most of our major thoroughfares.

Houston’s explosive growth has led to highway needs that have not been met by authorities in Austin or by planning for those in Houston.

At a time when we continue to grow and expand, the infrastructure including highways have lagged behind the times. Truck wrecks simply add to the problem.

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