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Blind spot accidents with 18 wheelers

Blind spot accidents with 18 wheelers.

Almost everyone who has been driving for some time has faced a situation where a semi-truck is in the lane next to you and appears to have no regard for your vehicle when moving over and changing lanes.

The situation is extremely distressing because of the disparity in size between the 80,000-pound tractor-trailer and your 5,000-pound vehicle. In some instances, it almost seems as if you are being “bullied” to get out of the way of the big truck.

However, the real cause of this type of situation is that the truck driver most likely just does not see your vehicle or the vehicle to its side. These blind spots from tractor-trailer cabs provide areas where the truck driver is incapable of seeing the traffic around them.

The Blind Spots on a Big Rig

There are large blind spots on the following areas of a big rig:

* Drivers Side
* Passenger Side
* Front
* Rear

The following illustration shows the general area of the blind spots for big trucks.


The following tips may help prevent you from being the victim of a blind spot truck accident.

Do not follow a big rig to closely as doing so may put you in the rear blind spot of the big rig.

Exercise patience when driving around big trucks and understand that a tractor-trailer cannot maneuver quickly and must slowly move to change lanes of traffic. Knowing where the blind spots are on a truck being can help you avoid being caught in those situations.

If you can see the truck mirrors of the big rig then most likely the truck driver can also see you. If you can’t see the truck drivers mirror he probably cannot see your vehicle.

A blind spot accident appears to have occurred in Houston, Texas, today when a tractor-trailer sandwiched an SUV into the retaining wall on the Sam Houston Tollway, aka Beltway 8, in North Harris County, Texas.

There is no report on the injuries from the SUV occupants but photos of the incident showed major damage to the Chevy Tahoe trapped to the retaining wall.

Avoiding blind spots on big trucks can help keep your family safe when a truck driver cannot see your vehicle.

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