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Gps tracking for trucking companies

Gps tracking for trucking companies.

Quite a few of the middle size to larger commercial trucking companies have gone to GPS tracking to reduce costs and retain control over their fleet.

Many companies provide the hardware and software necessary to monitor a truck tracking system for the commercial trucking company. One of the areas in which GPS tracking helps reduce costs is by making sure the trucks are not speeding. The higher the speed, the greater the fuel consumption by a big rig.

GPS tracking devices can actually provide an alert that advises the trucking company when a vehicle exceeds a certain parameter. Not only will this help companies control fuel costs, but also make sure the fleet is much safer, and drivers are being responsible.

Another benefit to the company is to curtail unauthorized use by a truck driver in addition to monitoring their speed and driving behavior. Excessive idling can also be a major consumer of diesel fuel.

With the mapping software that comes with most GPS tracking devices, the dispatcher can be aware of each vehicle in real-time and be able to reroute drivers to better serve the company.

Truck drivers are not that optimistic or positive about being tracked by the company, and GPS tracking is not favored by the truck drivers themselves. Companies who build in incentives for safe driving and use the GPS information to award such incentives can turn around the driver’s resistance to the GPS devices.

By providing a bonus or an award to a driver for driving safely, based on the GPS data, not only can truck drivers be incentive motivated but the company may also save substantial money by reducing accident claims.

With recent technology advances, technology that was once considered “cutting-edge” is now readily available at a very low cost.

Trucking companies that have implemented GPS tracking devices have found that the real-time control and availability to know where every truck is in any given moment, to be a aid to timely dispatching the fleet.

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