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How To Get A CDL in Texas

How to get a cdl in texas.

What is involved in getting a CDL or the acquisition of commercial drivers’ license? In order to drive any type of a commercial vehicle in Texas a person must first obtain and maintain in good standing a regular driver’s license for at least a year and be at least 21 years old before applying for a CDL.


Next the person must take and pass the Texas Commercial Driver’s License Examination that applies to the type of commercial vehicle a person will be driving. There are numerous training courses available for those who wish to pursue this career path – and none will be touted in favor of another.


The course work often covers the nature of specific concerns related to passenger vehicle driving (such as school buses), and separately tank and hazardous vehicle driving.


In addition, the CDL also covers pre-trip inspection of vehicles, basic vehicle control or maneuvering and the actual road trip itself. Want step by step directions? Follow the advice below and you will be on your way to commercial driving before you know it.


  1. Visit your Texas driver’s license office. Take your driver’s license, social security card and qualification certification form. Also take proof of insurance.


  1. Get the appropriate form for the CDL – ensuring you have the form for the class of driving you intend to do. (And be prepared for the appropriate certifications).


  1. Take the written exam and vision test. Pass it.


  1. Take the driving test. You must provide your own commercial vehicle.


  1. Pay the fee – get photographed and fingerprinted.


As you can see, it is really not that hard to obtain a commercial drivers license in the state of Texas. Many trucking companies, called “motor carriers” of a difficult time keeping good truck drivers on the road and for that reason, hire inexperienced drivers that sometimes are not quite ready to safely drive a big rig. Obtaining a commercial drivers license is not enough to ensure that the drivers prepared to operate an 80,000-pound vehicle around other smaller cars and trucks.


The safety rules that apply to motor carriers and truck drivers require that the company ensure that the truck driver is capable of safely operating the vehicle. Many companies take this obligation seriously others use it as a rubber stamp and the result sometimes or devastating to the community.

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