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Illegally parked 18 wheelers

Illegally parked 18 wheelers.

It is absolutely shocking new number of 18-wheeler accidents that happen because a big rig was stopped in the lane of traffic or parked inappropriately.

The situation is particularly dangerous in that the majority of these types of accidents occur on major highways. That means that the other vehicles are traveling at highway speeds and when a passenger car or pickup truck collides with an illegally parked big rig, it’s like smashing an egg.

Truck drivers parking rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides the rules that truck drivers must comply with when their truck is disabled or when they choose to park on the shoulder of a roadway or a lane of traffic. All of us have seen the reflectors behind a truck parked off the roadway. These reflectors are to give additional warning to the motoring public that the truck is actually stopped.

There are specific rules that the truck driver must comply with when parking his truck and failure to follow those rules to the letter can provide ammunition for a wrongful death or serious injury lawsuit based upon negligence of the truck driver.

Section 392.22 of the FMCSR provide guidance on what is required for a trucker when he is stopped on the traveled portion of the highway or on the shoulder of a highway for any cause other than normal traffic stops. In that section, the truck driver must immediately activate his hazard warning signal flashers and keep them flashing until he has placed the warning devices behind his big rig.

There are specific rules where the warning devices must be placed and the rules are designed to protect the motoring public from running into a vehicle that is parked.

This type of accident happens much more frequently than most people would suspect. In a great number of cases the truck driver has not complied with the Federal Regulations and the result is that someone was seriously injured or killed.

Our law firm has handled numerous cases against truck drivers and trucking companies for the manner in which they parked their vehicles or stopped their vehicles on the traveled portion of the highway.

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