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Information you need to know about truck accidents

About truck accidents.

With growing economy, the numbers of transport companies have also grown during the recent decade. And unfortunately, so have the serious injury and fatal semi truck accidents. But, it has to be noted that rules of the road are quite different for passenger cars and pickup trucks than they are for professional truck drivers. For example, a truck accident involves the application of commercial truck driver regulations unlike a car accident that involves only the application of state traffic laws.

Truck accident cases frequently involve large insurance claims, big medical issues and significant compensation claims because of the damage an 80,000 pound semi truck does to any vehicle it hits. Even a low speed accident with semi truck can easily lead to serious injury and needs to be investigated in a big way and as early as possible.

The victim should immediately contact the authorities and take photos with your cellphone if you are able. Victims should also seek medical guidance and follow their Dr’s orders to recover as quickly as possible after an injury accident.

Another major point is to seek assistance from a reputable and experienced big truck accident attorney as soon as possible after the truck wreck. Some critical evidence can include, black box or onboard computer data, (which can show speed and braking activity of the truck driver), skid marks and other physical evidence at the scene (which can help in the reenactment), and the condition of the truck itself which can be a big issue if the truck is out of service.

Additionally, there can be other critical information or evidence about the truck driver himself. Trucking companies are only required to keep data for a certain length of time regarding the truck drivers record, experience and training. Hiring a real truck accident attorney can be very beneficial when applying the rules to the accident.

Texas juries have not been very sympathetic to rule violation by commercial truck drivers and trucking companies. In fact, some of the most important evidence in the case, other than the injuries and damages of the innocent victim, can be the experience and training offered by the trucking company to the truck driver And whether or not the company followed the rules.

In the most serious of cases, a thorough investigation of the big rig, the professional driver, and the accident scene can be very important to fully developing a personal injury or truck accident wrongful death case.

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