Report Highlights the Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Tired drivers lead to unnecessary accidents



A recent report funded by State Farm Insurance looks at the real effects of drowsy driving and the impact it has on our communities. The report is titled “wake-up call” and contains suggestions for reducing the number of unnecessary accidents caused by tired drivers.


Some startling statistics include:


Drowsy Drivers

tired drivers

Tired 2The estimated percentage of large truck or bus crashes that involved a tired driver is particularly alarming. Given that commercial passenger carrying vehicles such as buses have pastures lives on the line and 80,000 pound big rigs can wipe out entire families in a matter of seconds.


Some of the suggestions include items for Motor Carriers which include not only complying with the federal law regarding hours of service regulations but also adopting policies for enforcing the regulations and identifying fatigue in the workplace. Prudent trucking companies will also monitor the truck drivers logs to ensure that they are accurate and not falsified.


It is not known the percentage of truck drivers that cheat on their logs but the number is significant and probably much higher than many would expect. Unfortunately, this usually comes to light only after a very serious accident has occurred.


Some of the larger trucking companies have adopted comprehensive policies including classroom training and also screening for sleep disorders. The dilemma for a trucking company is that they are profit driven which requires truck drivers on the road and loads delivered and picked up timely. In effect, taking a truck driver off the road because he is sleepy will impact their bottom line profit wise.


Additionally, many truck drivers are underpaid and will cut corners as necessary to earn the paycheck that they so desperately need. All of these things contribute to an unacceptable level of 18 wheeler crashes that involve drivers who should not be behind the wheel.


The complete report can be downloaded here:


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