Tanker truck spills chemicals requires evacuation

Many Houstonians had to be evacuated after a semi truck carrying chemicals rolled over and spilled toxic alkaline near Houston home sites.

The tanker truck crash occurred at the intersection of Des Chaumes and Roland Street, close to US 59.

Chemical Spill

Hazmat crews were dispatched to deal with the chemical spill and as part of the cleanup process evacuated local area residents.

This is the second tanker truck accident that has disrupted the Houston community in a major way in the last week.

From scene photographs it appears that the 18-wheeler improperly negotiated a turn, which caused the trailer to rollover and discharge the chemicals.

While the authorities at the scene indicated that the evacuation was only a precaution, the inconvenience to our community of these continued big rig rollovers cannot be overstated.

The cost to the community include not only delays in traffic when major thoroughfares are involved, but also the actual cost of damage to the roadways and infrastructure as well as the cost of cleanup crews.

Photos and report can be viewed here.


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