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The high cost of houston traffic congestion

High cost of houston traffic congestion.

Recent article outlined the economic costs that the Houston community faces when the needed transportation infrastructure is not addressed in a timely manner. The conclusion, is that they are to address our highway system needs costs Houston-area jobs.

Houston is a hub for transportation of goods across the United States whether by ship, semi-truck or train. Last year, Texas lawmakers agreed it to allow the voters to decide if our highway projects could receive an additional $1.4 billion for necessary roadwork.

Voters in Texas will decide the issue in November. Many different businesses are pushing for expansion of infrastructure particularly in the greater Houston area. One of America’s keys to prosperity is its investment in highways and transportation.

Lately, we have failed to keep up with necessary investments particularly in growth areas like Texas. According to an article published in the Houston Chronicle, the Houston area has added 6300 jobs related to trucking since 2010.

It is no secret that the trucking industry has faced dramatic growth and that some companies have a hard time keeping jobs filled with qualified truckers. The dilemma on both a federal and state level is that road improvements and additions cost money and many politicians fear the pain of paying for the infrastructure.

America has been made great through its achievement and its investment in highways across the country. Many nations have passed us in transportation investments such as high-speed rail and roadway improvements.

The explosive growth that the Houston area has experienced over the last 25 years has been a great economic benefit to the area and is in danger of slowing due to the growth outpacing the highway structure.

For the benefit of Texas and its economic future vote to improve our infrastructure in November.

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