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Tractor-trailer rollover snarls houston traffic

Tractor-trailer rollover in houston.

The Eastex Freeway southbound entrance ramp to Interstate 10 going east was shut down due to a big truck rollover accident this morning.

The accident occurred in the early morning hours approximately 4 AM and took many hours before the truck accident could be cleared to open traffic.

The exact reason for the rollover crash is not known but in circumstances like this it is either a driver error or an improperly loaded trailer.

Big rigs are much more susceptible to roll over when they are top-heavy and encounter an incline that cannot be navigated safely. The entrance ramps to highways in Houston may have a slight curve but certainly are not dangerous at reasonable speeds.

Truck roller is a leading cause of injury to professional truck drivers. Extra caution needs to be used when entering curves to make sure that the speed of the vehicle is at or under the recommended speed for the exit ramp.

Many truck drivers end up with very serious injuries from rollover wrecks.

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