Truck accidents in the news -september 10, 2014

In a terrible tragedy an 18-wheeler fell off the overpass at the intersection of US Highway 59 and the 610 Loop headed northwest in Houston.

The accident occurred about midmorning and according to officials, the truck driver was headed north on US 59 and entering a ramp to travel in North Loop. Apparently the big truck careened off the ramp and onto the highway.

Reports indicate one person died in the accident but it is unclear who that is at this time. From the photographs of the accident scene, it was probably the truck driver himself.

There is no mention of why or how the accident occurred other than the truck fell off the overpass ramp. The ramps are designed to protect traveling motorists by barriers but big trucks are top-heavy and much taller than a typical passenger car or pickup.

Whether or not speed is a factor in this terrible tragic accident has yet to be determined. Analysis of the “black box” or the computer on board the truck will provide decisive clues regarding what caused this tractor-trailer to careen over the entrance ramp and onto the highway.

The fall appears to be in the range of 60 feet or more and was probably the cause of the fatality.

Most of the time when a fatal truck accident occurs in the city limits of Houston, a formal accident reconstruction is performed in order to determine the formal cause of the crash. Undoubtedly, the proper authorities will do so in this incident.

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