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3 Benefits of Fleet Monitoring Technology for Trucking Companies

Benefits of fleet monitoring technology for trucking companies.

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The high-tech era has reached the doors of trucking companies.



There now exists useful fleet monitoring technology that can be highly beneficial to trucking companies. Indeed, this evolving technology can be useful to trucking companies in some important ways.


Here are the 3 biggest benefits to trucking companies that use the software.

Fleet Monitoring Technology and Enhancing Big Rig Safety



A major way in which trucking companies, as well as operators and the public generally, can benefit significantly from fleet management technology is in the safety arena.


Through software applications that permit the real-time monitoring of the operation of a big rig, a trucking company can immediately address many safety issues.


For example, if a big rig operator is speeding, or engaging in other types of reckless roadway conduct, a fleet management supervisor can be immediately aware of the issue.


Unfortunately, trucking companies fairly frequently fail to ensure that trucks in a fleet are properly maintained.


Another element of fleet monitoring technology includes functionality that alerts when a semi-truck is due for routine truck maintenance or safety inspections.


Fleet Monitoring Technology and Driver Behavior



A recurring problem among trucking companies involves semi-truck operators who fail to follow restrictions on the amount of time they can be behind the wheel of a rig.


These safety rules are known as the hours of service regulations. Although driver fatigue is not the number one cause of roadway accident involving semis, it is one of the more common causes of a big truck wreck.


Another benefit of utilizing comprehensive fleet monitoring software is controlling and improving driver behavior. The technology can work to ensure that drivers do not operate a truck beyond the timeframes mandated by law and regulation.


As mentioned previously, the technology also provides real-time data about speed and other issues associated with a driver’s operation of a rig. The mere fact that this surveillance exists often is enough to immediately correct less than ideal conduct by a big rig operator. Speeding trucks is a leading cause of truck wrecks.


Reducing Fuel Costs



Another benefit that can be realized through the use of fleet monitoring software is the reduction in overall fuel costs. Lessening the incidence of speeding is a primary area in which fuel costs are reduced through fleet monitoring software.


Also, the technology is also capable of identifying unnecessary, excessive idling, an issue for many trucking companies that contribute to increased fuel use and associated costs.


As an aside, burning less fuel in the operation of a fleet has another benefit. Using less fuel also results in a lessening of the carbon footprint made by a truck fleet on the environment.




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