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Truck driver fatigue as a accident factor

Truck driver fatigue big factor

On-the-job fatigue will be a factor in many accidents, but it is a more critical factor when fatigue relates to 80,000 pound moving vehicles.

There is little question that driving a big rig hours and miles on end can be fatiguing to the truck driver. Every driver who has driven on trips can relate to the physical and mental fatigue of driving long distances.

The monotony of driving alone over weeks and months and years can also contribute to the fatigue factor. There is without question a fatigue factor in a large percentage of commercial vehicle crashes.

Experts have opined that at least 90% of 18-wheeler wrecks involve driver error and many if not most times, fatigue can be a factor in the error. Even with the best efforts of the Department of Transportation, and the ever updated Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, fatigue is a problem that cannot easily be solved by regulation.

Studies have shown that mental acuity drops with the increase in hours that someone is on the job particularly in a monotonous situation. The best solution for driving fatigue is for the driver to pull over and take a break.

Unfortunately, frequent stops are not generally profitable for truck drivers are trucking companies and many truckers push the envelope even though they may be mentally fatigued. As with all accidents, hindsight is usually 20 – 20, however prudent motor carriers seek to train drivers to reduce accidents and increase both profits and productivity.

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