Truck driver killed in houston

 Apparently, the trucker had pulled his vehicle off the roadway and was inspecting his tractor and trailer with a flashlight and stepped into a lane of traffic. A car passing by headed south on US 59 struck the truck driver.

The accident happened near Grand Parkway and 59

A big rig driver was killed Thursday evening on US 59 close to the Grande Parkway.

Several witnesses were at the scene and called the police to investigate the accident. Reports indicate that the authorities do not know why the truck driver pulled his rig over to inspect it.

Rigs on the side of the road

Truck drivers routinely pull off the road to inspect their load to make sure their votes are properly and securely tied down. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require a truck driver to pull off the roadway to inspect the load under certain specified conditions to insurer it is not improperly loaded.

Accidents with stalled or parked big rigs

Many trucking crashes happen in Texas because a tractor-trailer is pulled off or parked on the side of the roadway or highway.

However, truck drivers are expected to pull off the roadway where they are not in danger of causing an accident or endangering themselves. This terrible tragedy could have been the result of inspecting a load required by federal regulations or perhaps the truck driver had mechanical issues that needed to be checked out on the tractor-trailer.

Be careful when pulling off the roadway

For drivers of passenger vehicles, if you have issues with your car, such as inspecting your car for a potential flat tire or other problems, make sure you are not endangering yourself when you pull off the highway to check out your vehicle.

Driving at night is especially dangerous in this situation because of the visibility limitations. Use extra caution when pulling off the road and always make sure you are out of the danger zone of the highway.

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