Truck driver’s medical condition and a fatal accident

A truck driver who was in an accident when the apparently lost consciousness and struck a trooper has been deemed to be unfit to drive a commercial vehicle according to reports.

Unsafe Truck Driver on the Road

The DOT through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration apparently has issued an order disqualifying the trucker from further driving up commercial vehicles.

Regulations Prevent Drivers with Some Medical Conditions

The safety regulations specify the medical condition of the commercial or professional driver. In this regard, a big rig driver is something like an airline pilot in that the safety of many others rests on their medical condition.

While the specifics regarding the truck driver’s medical condition were not disclosed, reports indicate that the trucker may have failed to disclose to his medical examiner the full extent of his medical condition.

Crash Caused the Medical Issue to Come to Light

The issue came to light after the fatal accident and when medications were found in his truck.

Whether or not there are criminal charges filed for the fatal accident is another question. The administrative finding is separate and apart from any civil or criminal actions that may be undertaken from the fatal truck accident.

Safe Medical Condition Vital for Truck Drivers

This case clearly illustrates the importance of the medical condition of the commercial truck driver. Big rigs can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and we have numerous instances of multiple fatalities when a truck driver’s condition is substandard.

Types of Medical Conditions Viewed as Unsafe

These types of medical conditions may disqualify a truck driver:

  • Heart Conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Inner Ear Issues
  • Vision or Hearing Loss
  • Drug Use

Often a Truck Crash Brings the Medical Condition to Light

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