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Uber and GHSA Team Up Promoting Seatbelt Use for the Summer

Uber and GHSA team up promoting seatbelt use for the summer.


seatbelt safety

Just in time for family summer vacations, the governors Highway safety Association and Uber announce an initiative called “Make it Click: Every seat. Every ride”. The purpose is to bring awareness to the need for wearing seatbelts and the dangers for those who choose not to buckle up.


Uber is to be commended for its leadership in joining with the GHSA in the make it click program.


Seatbelt Safety Statistics


The latest information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that over 9000 rear seat passengers died in 2016 who were not using seatbelts. Of those over half would have survived if they had simply chosen to buckle up.


Backseat passengers are three times more likely to die in a car wreck if they are not wearing their seatbelts, according to a recent study.

Seatbelt Safety


Make it Click


Everything we do to promote seatbelt use and the habit of buckling up will save lives. Many people in the backseat do not buckle up particularly during travel not far from home. Apparently, the backseat riders get a false sense of security and do not always buckle up. Front seat drivers are much more active in seatbelt use.


Everyone can make a difference by simply requesting those in the car with you to buckle up. The vast majority of car accidents occur close to home and for this reason, seatbelt use should be developed into a habit.


Thank You Uber


I have found Uber to be an excellent method of travel and highly recommend the service to everyone. Not only have the drivers been consistently friendly and professional, the price has been reasonable, and the timing is impeccable. Also, with this initiative Uber has demonstrated its commitment to community and safety by participating in this outreach.


Please buckle up and ask everyone in your car to always wear a seatbelt!

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