Wide and oversize loads in texas

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The federal government does not regulate oversize permits, but relies upon each individual state to issue such permits for travel within their borders. Texas has a very liberal and accommodating, DOT, which often allows up to 200,000 pounds for an oversize permit.

Normal loads not requiring a special permit would be up to 80,000 pounds. Additionally, an oversize or wide load can be extra long, high or wide. Click here for the Texas DOT oversize page.

The permitting process in Texas has been streamlined to allow online applications and sell permits when possible. The website even offers video tutorials enabling truck drivers and trucking companies to quickly and easily log into and obtain a permit for an oversized load.

Part of the process is to ensure safety within the community to the extent possible. This includes special limitations on the loads and also which route may be used and whether or not advanced vehicles are required.

Trucking companies must obtain permits for each state that they travel through with the oversized load. Obviously, this takes organization and planning to accomplish.

Texas has been very accommodating in its issuing of special permits to allow the maximum amount of traffic without endangering the community. Nevertheless, wide loads are dangerous for obvious reasons and motor should be especially careful in driving around an oversized or wide load.

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