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How to Find the Best Lawyer for a Truck Accident?

best truck wreck lawyer

There’s an old saying “There is no substitute for experience”. That is true in many endeavors but certainly true with respect to maximizing compensation from a commercial vehicle accident. Locating the best attorney to handle your injury claim is vital to the success of your case. Here are some suggestions for getting the best attorney for a commercial vehicle crash case.

Trucking Cases Are Complex

Everyone knows that big rigs or tractor-trailers operate differently than passenger cars. Not only are tractor-trailers much larger and heavier but they also operate with different systems such as air brakes.

Not only are the vehicles different, but also the rules and regulations that apply to professional drivers are much stricter than those faced by everyday drivers. It is imperative that the attorney you select to help you after your truck accident be proficient in the rules and regulations that apply to trucking companies and truck drivers. A real commercial vehicle accident attorney will have substantial hands-on experience in litigating truck accident claims.

 Stay Away from TV Lawyers

Every day we see advertisements on television and postings on the Internet for lawyers seeking truck accident victims and claiming vast experience in the area. Attorneys who have a very high number of active cases are not able to devote much time to each one. Stay away from TV lawyers who advertise for truck crash cases. High volume lawyers make money by “turning” cases quickly. If you are looking for a great settlement, pass on the law firms with tons of cases. Quick cheap settlements are rarely in your best interest.

With that in mind, we have formulated some questions that potential truck accident victims can ask a lawyer to help them determine whether this is the right person for their case.

Do Research on Attorneys

Always investigate attorneys before you meet them.

Online research can be done easily and quickly. Here are a few areas to look at:

  • Reviews-

    Look for reviews of former clients who were injured in a truck crash. Put no importance on generic reviews. Be wary of hundreds of reviews because either the firm is super high volume, or they are scamming the review process. Either way, it is a hard pass!

  • Peer Reviewed Awards-

    Some important-sounding awards are simply phony. Look for peer-reviewed awards from local attorneys.

  • Results-

    Find other settlements from truck crashes. Unrelated commercial case results can sound impressive but are not relevant to finding the best truck accident attorneys.

  • The State Bar-

    If the lawyer has had issues with the bar- stay away.

  • Depth of experience-

    The more experience the better!

Questions to Ask an Attorney for Your Accident with a Semi:

  • When was the last verdict you received in a truck accident case?
  • What was that verdict?
  • How many multi-million-dollar truck accident cases have you handled? 
  • When was the last one?
  • How many trucking cases do you currently have open?
  • Will an associate or other attorney work on my case?
  • Who will I talk with if I hire you?
  • Who will take the depositions in my case?
  • How many current cases do you have open?
  • When was your first truck accident death case?

Each of these questions is an important indicator of whether this is the right person for your case. If you asked these questions and cannot get a direct and straightforward answer, I would suggest that you might consider interviewing other lawyers or firms.

 Special Expertise Needed

Trucking cases require special experience and finding the best truck accident attorney for your case may require you to speak with several different law firms. By asking the questions set forth above you can get a very clear and quick understanding of the actual experience of the attorney you are considering. And if the person you are talking with is going to work your case or delegate it to a younger attorney.

The Doctor Analogy

If you needed to get spine surgery, you would research doctors who have a reputation in spine surgery. You could not even consider letting the doctor you chose “supervise” the surgery and have some other less experienced doctors operate on you. Likewise, you would not care if the doctor had performed thousands of operations on other parts of the body. No- you want the best doctor for your problem. The same applies to attorneys. Big awards in class actions have no relevance to your needs in an injury accident with a big rig.

 Look Local

Always look local first. Out-of-town lawyers are always at a disadvantage to local attorneys. Never, ever, consider an out of state attorney as the disadvantage can be significant and will likely impact your case. If you have no experienced truck accident attorneys in your town, look to the nearest major city for help.

How We Can Help.

Our truck accident lawyers in Texas have been handling truck accident injury and wrongful death cases for over three decades. We take great pride in the fact that we are not a volume practice but focus on serious injury and wrongful death only. We are undefeated in truck crash cases. If you can find a better truck accident attorney -hire them.


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