Skilled Negotiations

Truck accidents usually involve serious injury if not a wrongful death and for that reason they are taken much more seriously by the insurers than normal car accident cases where the insurance companies exposure is not great.

Your attorney matters

How your claim is handled and by who matters a great deal. Choosing a law firm with decades of winning huge settlements is a great first step.  Many truck accident law firms are high volume and that fact is well known by the commercial insurers. When you are a dollar sign to the lawyers you select, you have probably got the wrong attorneys.

The vast majority of trucking company insurance policies that we see is $1 million liability policies and a good percentage of those involved excess coverage that can go into the multiple of millions.

The best negotiation leverage is a current trial setting. In some instances it is only an eminent jury trial that motivates the insurance carrier and the trucking company to seek a resolution of an accident they caused. Our results in handling commercial vehicle accidents often aids in the early resolution or settlement of a case.

We also limit the number of cases that we accept in order to provide the best possible representation to the clients we accept. By limiting the case number we are able to focus our resources in order to seek maximum recovery for you.

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