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Big Rig Crash Closes I-69 During Cleanup

Big rig crash closes i-69.




A crash between two big rigs caused damage to both vehicles and a traffic tie-up that lasted for hours. The 18-wheeler accident in Montgomery County happened in the northbound lanes of I-69 Eastex at FM 1314.

The cause of the crash was not known and is under investigation. Both of the drivers sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital in stable condition.


The accident also caused a hazmat incident at the scene. The Texas Department of Transportation hazmat crews were on the scene shortly following the accident to clean up the hazardous materials.


One of the big rigs was transporting fuel, which spilled onto the roadway after the crash. The main lanes had to be blocked while the spill was cleaned and while the wreckage was removed. TxDOT Houston tweeted out a photo of the accident with information for drivers about lane closures.


Hazardous Material Spills Cause Concerns for Drivers


Hazardous materials can include diesel fuel and other fluids that generally are used to operate big rig engines. Other times, the truck is carrying a load that is hazardous, as in this case. When gasoline or diesel fuel spill onto the roadway, it is dangerous. Other drivers cannot be allowed to drive in the area until the hazmat team properly cleans the spill.


The hazmat team is part of the Texas Department of Transportation and includes employees who are specially trained to handle the cleanup of dangerous materials. Different techniques may be employed to resolve the spill, depending on the type of substance, the location, and the amount that was lost. The team wears protective gear to stay safe while they remove the spilled material.


Drivers and pedestrians are not allowed near the spill until it is adequately remediated and deemed safe. Cleanup can take some time, especially in cases in which there is much fluid because it can quickly cover a large portion of the roadway. In this case, luckily no other reports of damage or injuries were made.


After a Truck Accident


If you are involved in a crash with a big rig, the first thing to do is call the police to report the accident. Pull out of the lanes of traffic, if you can, so you will remain safe. However, do not exit your vehicle in the middle of a busy highway. Obtain the name and other information from the truck driver as well as the name of the trucking company that operates the vehicle.


Seek medical attention immediately following a severe crash. You may suffer injuries that are not apparent right away but will become painful later. Maintain copies of all your medical records and bills so you can request payment. You and your family may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact an experienced truck accident attorney to handle the details of your case.


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