How Dangerous is Hazardous Material Transportation?

Truck Accidents and Hazardous Material

Hazmat cleanup of Highway in HoustonThere are millions of trucks on our roadways, and many are used to transport various hazardous materials. When an accident occurs with a truck carrying a dangerous substance, it dramatically increases the risks of serious injuries.


Houston has more fatal truck accidents than any city in America, and Texas has the most deadly truck crashes.

When a truck carrying a hazardous substance gets into a crash, the results can be catastrophic. A Hazmat team must immediately contain and clean the area and reduce potential exposure to other drivers, pedestrians, and residents.


Types of Hazardous Materials


The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) classifies hazardous materials into various categories under the Federal Hazardous Material Law regulations.

● Class 1 – Explosives

● Class 2 – Gases

● Class 3 – Flammable Liquids

● Class 4 – Flammable Solids

● Class 5 – Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides

● Class 6 – Poisons and Etiologic Materials

● Class 7 – Radioactive Material

● Class 8 – Corrosives

● Class 9 – Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances

● ORM-D – Other Regulated Material


Trucking companies that handle the transportation of hazardous materials provide a safe and secure system for transport. They must follow the guidelines specified for each type of substance. They must also provide training for employees so they can safely handle these materials.


Hazardous Material Safety Requirements


Any company that transports hazardous materials must do so under the law. The law explains how to contain substances and how to ensure safe transport. They must use the proper truck, and they must have regular inspections.


Trucks that carry hazardous materials in the Houston area must follow specified hazmat routes. Loop 610 is the designated hazmat route around the city.


Other drivers should try to avoid using this route to be assured of safe road travel.


Law enforcement officers can ticket truck drivers for failure to obey the laws regarding the safe transportation of hazardous materials. The driver may face tickets and fines for violations of the law. Also, they can get tickets for failure to travel on designated hazmat routes.


A driver must have the proper certification to be allowed to transport hazardous materials.


Hazmat Response


Various dangerous substances have different dangers. Some spills are flammable or explosive, while others may release chemicals into the air that pose a breathing danger.


The hazmat team immediately determines the classification of material so they can provide the proper response. They work to contain and stop the spill and clean the area. They require a safe space around the spill to keep the danger away from others.


The Houston Hazardous Materials Response Team (HMRT) is a part of the Houston Fire Department. The HMRT consists of a team of highly trained members ready to respond to any hazardous material leak or spill.


The team has been in place to handle hazardous material needs for over 25 years. Members have special training and experience to reduce the risk of hazardous materials to the public.


The team is utilized at any time there is a spill or leak of dangerous substances, including response to truck accidents in Houston.


Hurt by a Spill on the Roadway?

Your injuries could be severe if you were hurt due to a hazardous material spill. The negligent party pays for your medical expenses and lost wages while you are recovering. You may also be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering and other damages because of the injury. Call a truck accident attorney right away.


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