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Driver’s daily vehicle inspection reports

Driver’s daily vehicle inspection reports.

Trucker Rules

Because truck drivers and their employers- motor carriers, are required to meet specific safety rules that do not apply to other drivers, the important evidence differs greatly after an accident.

Some evidence regarding whether or not the motor carrier or the truck driver has complied with the minimum safety rules include such things as Driver’s Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports.

The daily inspection report is required both before a trip and after the trip on an everyday basis. The reports show important safety items and a truck driver is required to inspect each category of items each time.

The truck driver will then turn in their inspection reports to their employer for action as required by the forms. Most of the time, truck drivers use this as a routine method of walking around the truck. However, the safety rules require more than that of the truck driver.

If there is a problem in the truck it should be noted on the driver’s daily vehicle inspection reports. If the problem existed and it is not shown on the report, that in itself is a violation of the safety rules.

If there have been reported issues regarding the truck or the trailer, the motor carriers acquired to ensure that the safety issues are resolved before putting the ring back on the roadway.

Driver’s daily vehicle inspection reports are only one of many very specific safety regulations that come into play after a very serious truck wreck.

Victims or the victim’s family must contact an experienced leading truck wreck lawyer in Houston, TX as soon as possible after the accident. Sometimes only inspection of the 18-wheeler after the accident by competent experts can reveal the dangerous condition of the big rig.

You can be certain that if the insurance carrier for the trucking company believes there are safety infractions, they will do everything in their power to avoid disclosing the issues and to total out or repair the vehicle as soon as possible. Thus, precluding discovery of safety violations by the trucking company and/or truck driver.

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