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Surprise Truck Inspections Yield Results

Surprise truck inspection yield results.

Recently, authorities in the state of Nebraska decided to have unannounced truck inspections. The site selected was located in South Sioux City. The results were astounding to say the least.

The state patrol found more than 99 violations and 10 commercial vehicles were taken off the roadways as being out of service.

Additionally, drivers where ticketed for no operating licenses or no commercial drivers licenses.

Trucks were “out of service” for bad brakes or tires, which can be dangerous for the public at large.

Under the federal regulations, truck drivers have a duty to inspect their vehicles on an everyday basis. The trucking company also has a duty to ensure that the vehicles are safe to be on the highway before each trip.

A driver must prepare a driver’s daily vehicle inspection report each day. Such reports list any and all defects of the vehicles, which must addressed before putting the vehicle back on the roadway.

Conducting a surprise truck inspection gives us a snap shot view of the condition of trucks on the roadways across the nation.

Truck safety must me taken seriously because of injuries or fatalities are likely with an 18-wheeler crash. Trucks that weigh up to 80,000 pounds can be as deadly as a missile.

In Texas, the Department of Public Safety has the responsibility to conduct truck inspections. Given the number of tractor-trailers that cross Texas each day the job of enforcement is a major undertaking in our state.

More resources are needed to help insure the safety of our highways.

Communities in Texas also incur substantial expense each year from damage to roadways and infrastructure from out of service trucks.

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