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Drugs used by some truck drivers

Drugs used by some truck drivers.

With the rise of major metropolitan cities, and more of the country’s populace migrating to these areas for work and other benefits, the need for truck driving has become apparent. Trucks bring in goods every day on the highway and, in this vein, are largely connected to the national economy as a whole.

However, although this job is extremely vital to the country’s financial system, many truck drivers have reported facing insurmountable loneliness and boredom while on the road. As a result, many truck drivers will unfortunately turn to drugs and alcohol to ebb these negative feelings away.

According to reporting conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board, one out of three truck drivers who suffered from a fatal car accident were later, after their bodies were examined, found to be using drugs and alcohol prior to the crash. Due to this the National Transportation department has called for new drug related regulations which include random and widespread drug testing and increase vehicle checks for both truck drivers as well as all types of transportation workers.

It is the goal of these checks to ensure that truck drivers that are caught using drugs are brought to justice, and the potential for drug use among truck drivers is prevented.

While this in itself bears mentioning, many individuals do not understand how truck drivers, who as pointed out, spend a lot of time isolated on the roadways, even have access to drugs and what kind of drugs are the most common to begin with.

To the former extent, research showcases the truck drivers primarily deal drugs to one another, most often working amongst truck stops enroute from one location to the other. Additionally, coded language often broadcasted over intercoms made by one truck driver which can alert others to the presence of nearby narcotics for sale. Once there, truck drivers will then indulge in the most popular drugs that are seen for this particular demographic.

Some of the most common types of drugs among truck drivers include:


  • Alcohol and marijuana – 13%
  • Cocaine – 9%
  • Amphetamines / methamphetamines – 7%
  • Other stimulants – 5% (ex. Codeine, Phencyclidine (PCP), etc.)


Coupled with this figure is the fact that drug usage is the second largest contributor for accidents involving truck drivers, with the highest leading factor being fatigue.

Additionally, among truck drivers, 33% of those who have been involved in accidents tested positive for drug use. Furthermore, according to the research, the studies indicate that the most common days for drug usage displayed by truck drivers is Mondays, as well as Saturdays and Sundays. This statistic also corresponds to the figures on marriage.

According to the study, truck drivers who are separated or divorced are more likely to test positive for drugs than those who are married or in relationships that they find meaningful.

While these figures are interesting in their own right, one most remember that approximately 5,000 individuals are killed each year because of truck-related accidents. Understanding this information can allow one to be more aware of the situation involving drug drivers and drug usage, as well as the type and correlated statistics.

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