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Recalled semi trucks

Recalled semi trucks.

It should come as no surprise that semi-trucks undergo the same rigors of recalls that other vehicles experience – any awareness of recalls would likely be relevant to semi-truck owners, trucking businesses or those who suffered injuries or fatalities related to these recalls.

What follows are some recent recalls for semis and parts that will confirm 18 wheelers are as subject to defects as other cars and trucks – but the potential for catastrophe seems immensely greater.

* Daimler Trucks North America is recalling 2,333 Sterling 360 vehicles, model years 2007 through 2009 because an inferior air intake duct can cause it to fall off the truck – thereby increasing the risk of crash. In addition, they are recalling another model truck due to a possible breakdown of a combustion tube weld that could cause ‘radial heat impingement’ which may burn through and cause a fire.

* Mack Trucks is recalling a number of vehicles because there is a problem with the trailer hitch ‘fifth wheel’ assembly. It seems the bolts used to secure it may fail causing it to come loose and the trailer to separate from the truck!

*Peterbilt trucks are being recalled because trailers may develop fatigue cracks in their trailer hitches.

For more information contact the FMCSA.

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