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Self-Driving Trucks – Is It The Future?

The future of self-driving trucks.

Mercedes-Benz recently showed off a futuristic truck that sets the bar for what is anticipated to be sold in the next decade. The truck is absolutely beautiful and contains technology that permits the truck to drive itself on the highways. The technology includes radar and camera systems.Futuristic vehicles are used to give inspiration to plan for future vehicles. It is interesting that Mercedes chose this for tractor-trailers as other manufacturers have been touting self-driving cars for the last year or so.

In reports, the concept is to “empower” the driver to be more productive and safer.

It is interesting that the future truck is also designed to make better use of existing infrastructure and presumably use technology to avoid it gridlock.

Forecasts indicate that truck transport business will increase substantially over the next decade. Many companies are finding a shortage of qualified drivers, which adds to the dilemma.

The future truck is, according to Mercedes and advance indication that the truck driver will be a combined driver and transport manager of the truck of the future.

According to Mercedes, in the future of the tractor will include a functional working area for the “autonomous” driving phases.

There is little doubt that technology is making great strides in both highway safety and in productivity. Whether or not the truck driver the future will be able to take their eyes off the road and rely on technology remains to be seen. Mercedes is to be applauded, in our view for their vision of the future.

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