The Hidden Costs of 18 Wheeler Accidents!


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The trend over the last decade has been one of give and take with respect to large truck crashes. The overall number of accidents involving commercial vehicles has dropped in the last 10 years, however, the number of fatalities from truck crashes has increased.


There’s little doubt that the costs associated with the truck accident can be significant from the motor carrier’s perspective. Insurance premiums, additional training and the need to attract and retain quality drivers all are part of the equation.


There are however hidden costs associated with truck accidents that are displayed each and every week in the greater Houston area. Some of the hidden costs are thrust upon the public within the community. Some examples are:


  1. Increase in commuting time after a major highway has been shut down due to a truck accident.
  2. Repairs to roadway, infrastructure and other property as a result of an accident.
  3. Hazmat costs associated with cleanup – particularly with rolled over trucks.


A recent article by the FMCSA highlights the problem with 18-wheeler accidents. In 2014 alone, 88,000 people were injured in a truck crash in United States. Added to that number is the property damage crashes which rose to 346,000 incidents.


While the sheer number of accidents is declining the impact on society is ever increasing.


Every week in the greater Houston area we have truck crashes that bring traffic to a standstill for many hours at a time. If you are stuck in that traffic there is not much you can do but put your car in park and turn up the radio. The number of missed appointments, reprimands at work and untold amounts of inconvenience cannot be overestimated. In short, unnecessary truck accidents have a huge impact on not only the victims of the crash but also the community at large.


Tax dollars are spent for cleanup of debris and for traffic control after a major accident. Not to mention the costs associated with an investigation of an 18 wheeler crash, such as the Texas Highway Patrol or local officers.


Here is another example of a crash that shut down Houston commuting traffic for many hours.

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