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Top 10 Trucking Companies in the U.S

Top 10 trucking companies


The trucking industry is the backbone of logistics and transportation in the United States. It ensures goods are delivered swiftly and efficiently across vast distances. In this detailed overview, we investigate the top 10 trucking companies in the U.S., shedding light on their operations, fleet sizes, service offerings, and notable achievements.


  1. Ryder System, Inc.


As a trusted provider of fleet management and supply chain solutions, Ryder System, Inc. plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless transportation operations. With a diverse portfolio of services and a commitment to excellence, Ryder System, Inc. remains at the forefront of the trucking industry, including truck rental. Ryder is headquartered in Florida and has about 48,000 employees.


  1. CRST International


With a focus on innovation and sustainability, CRST International thrives in an ever-changing industry landscape. By leveraging advanced technology and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, CRST International delivers value-driven transportation solutions to its clients.


  1. Estes Express Lines


Driven by a commitment to efficiency and customer-centricity, Estes Express Lines remains a formidable presence in the U.S. trucking market. Its versatile fleet and emphasis on operational excellence enable Estes Express Lines to meet the evolving needs of businesses nationwide. Estess has approximately 22,00 employees.


  1. Old Dominion Freight Line


With a focus on reliability and consistency, Old Dominion Freight Line has earned its reputation as a trusted partner for businesses seeking seamless transportation solutions. Its extensive network and dedication to customer satisfaction position Old Dominion as a leader in the trucking industry. Old Dominion has 23,000 employees.



  1. Schneider National


Renowned for its comprehensive range of transportation and logistics services, Schneider National is a testament to innovation and adaptability in the trucking sector. Through strategic partnerships and a customer-centric approach, Schneider National continues to set industry standards—approximately 19,600 employees.


  1. Knight- Swift Transport Services


Currently employing over 28,000 people, Knight has 4,000 trucks and provides various services, including temperature-controlled loads. Some trucks are company-owned, while others are owner-operated.



  1. J.B. Hunt Transport Services


With a legacy spanning several decades, J.B. Hunt Transport Services remains a cornerstone of the trucking industry, delivering excellence in transportation solutions. Its diverse fleet, coupled with a focus on sustainability, positions J.B. Hunt as a preferred choice for businesses nationwide. The company has 33,000 employees and over 12.000 trucks.



  1. XPO Logistics


Recognized for its innovative logistics and supply chain management approach, XPO Logistics emerges as a dominant force in the trucking sector. Through strategic acquisitions and investments in cutting-edge technology, XPO Logistics continues to expand its reach and enhance operational efficiency. The company has 130 XPO driver school locations.



  1. UPS Freight


Renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction and timely deliveries, UPS Freight secures its position as a key player in the trucking industry. Leveraging advanced technology and a vast infrastructure, UPS Freight offers comprehensive freight solutions tailored to diverse business needs. UPS employs almost 500,000 people and delivers 22.3 million packages daily.



  1. FedEx Freight


With a strong reputation for reliability and expansive network coverage, FedEx Freight ranks among the largest trucking companies in the U.S. Its fleet comprises thousands of vehicles, employs about 425,000 people, and delivers billions of packages annually.



In conclusion, the top 10 trucking companies in the U.S. exemplify growth in transportation and logistics. They serve as pillars of reliability and efficiency in a dynamic business environment. With their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence, these companies continue to shape the trucking industry’s future, driving innovation and progress on a national scale.


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