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Tour bus accident litigation

Tour bus accident litigation.

With the summer upon us, holiday travel is at its peak. Many families and individuals use tour bus trips to visit relatives and travel to vacation sites. While generally speaking, tour bus accidents are rare, they do occur and when they do the results can be shocking.

There are many examples of recent tour bus wrecks that make the news and involve many serious Andrews and wrongful deaths. Recently, a Texas bus accident killed three and injured 41 people. The bus was traveling from Texas to an Oklahoma casino and crashed outside Irving, Texas.

Of the injured, 15 were seriously injured as a result of the bus accident. According to reports, the passengers met at a parking lot and boarded the bus that was traveling to the Choctaw Casino resort in Oklahoma.

Reports further indicate that the bus started rattling and shaking and then the bus struck a concrete median separating the lanes of the highway. The result was that the bus rolled over and two people were killed and others were injured.

While the driver was apparently very experienced commercial driver, the accident still happened and many people were injured as a result. In recent developments, the Texas Department of Public Safety has turned the case over to a Dallas County DA for considering charges against the bus driver.

The district attorney will decide whether or not to bring charges against the bus driver. Typically, unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as texting while driving, drinking, or drugs, charges are not filed when it is simply a matter of driver error. People involved in a bus crash should contact a bus accident lawyer ASAP to start the investigation.

Nevertheless, this story shows that professional truck drivers who carry passengers are held to a very high standard, given the potential for injury or death. A bus carrying people is somewhat like an aircraft in that the pilot has the lives of many people in their hands.

If you are loved or have been injured in a Texas bus accident, consider speaking to a bus accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

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