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How to Find Trucking Companies Safety Records- Online!



If you would like to research a trucking company’s safety records, there are several options open to you via the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


The FMCSA has several online resources for obtaining safety information on trucking companies. All you need is a trucking company’s name, their DOT number or the motor carrier number in order to search the records.


An overview of the available online information can be found here.


The Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) Service


The SAFER records can give you a “Company Snapshot” which is a summary of the truck company including, its identification, safety rating, how many times their vehicles have been placed out of service and size of the company.



The “Company Safety Profile” is a service that requires a $20 fee, but it also offers much more safety information about an individual trucking company’s operation. These include items from the inspection and crash reports as well as results from enforcement actions by the DOT.




General Truck and Bus Safety Information



A&I Data and Reports are available to research generally crash data broken down by years, and states. The information at this page provides in-depth, trends and can be an invaluable safety resource.


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