Can Using Facebook Hurt My Truck Accident Case?


When you are hurt in a truck accident, it is likely one of the most traumatic experiences of your life. It is natural to want to discuss the crash with friends, and you may think about posting details on social media.

Facebook can hurt your injury case

It is essential to know that the information you post online will be used against you in your case. If you were injured, it is best to refrain from posting on social media sites and instead to seek guidance from an experienced truck accident attorney.


Posting on Social Media Can Be Used Against You


While we post our daily activities and information about our lives online, the insurance company may be monitoring your social media postings.


The adjuster or investigator may be able to see posts, even if you have privacy settings in place. What you post could get you into trouble and make it difficult or impossible to recover fair compensation in your injury case.


For example, you may post details about the accident that prove that you were partly or wholly at fault for your injuries. Not only can your own words or photos hurt you, but the comments that others make could also bring some unfavorable details to light.


Although you might refrain from posting about the accident, it is also essential to be extremely careful about any other posts you make. It is usually sound advice to stop posting on all your social media accounts entirely after an accident. Remember that even a seemingly innocuous post could work against you. For instance, if you are off work due to a severe neck injury, do not post a photo of yourself attending a party or social event.


Even in pain, the fact that you attended the event can be used to imply you are exaggerating the injury and its impact on you. In effect, a post can tell the jury, “look does this look like she was suffering”?


This kind of thing can be sued by a skilled insurance defense attorney to show that you are not as hurt as you claim. Keep from posting on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others.


Some insurance companies hire investigators to watch and video folks injured in an accident. While you can’t control this type of privacy violation, your posts to social media are within your control. Don’t make it easier for the insurance company to attack your credibility and claim. Stay off social media after an accident.


Protect Your Legal Rights and Your Privacy


Social media is here to stay, but you do not need to let it impact your truck accident case. If you are hurt in an accident, it is vital to ensure that you protect your legal rights.


You will need to prove that the other driver was negligent in the crash and that you sustained injuries. When you post on social media, you could make it harder to verify your claim or the extent of your injuries. Therefore, you could end up receiving less money than you deserve.


It is best to get help from a knowledgeable truck accident attorney following a crash. Your lawyer will work on your behalf to get you compensation for your injuries.


If you have already posted on social media, do not panic. Your attorney will review the details and determine the best way to proceed. Our truck wreck attorneys know how to get you the money you are owed for your injuries, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and more.


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