Why experience matters in truck wreck litigation

There’s an old saying “there is no substitute for experience”, and that is certainly true in truck accident litigation. For the plaintiff’s attorneys and the defense attorneys who practice in truck accident litigation every day, the reasons are crystal clear.

Attorneys who defend truck accident cases know the attorneys who prosecute them and also the expert witnesses who will be used by either the plaintiff or the defense. Additionally, attorneys who handle injury cases or wrongful death cases for the family after serious truck accident will know the defense experts and the defense attorneys by first name.

There’s a very good likelihood that the expert witnesses selected by the insurance carrier to defend the case will have been previously deposed by the law firm who handles truck accidents for a majority of their practice. In fact, real truck accident attorneys maintain files on all the main defense experts for impeachment purposes.

Just as the experts hired by the defense interests tend to be the same main ones, the experts retained by the plaintiffs also tend to be a finite group. Having a good working relationship with a group of expert witnesses can be invaluable in moving the case forward quickly to the benefit of the client.

There are often situations where there are numerous injury victims from a truck accident and different attorneys represent many. There’s no place that the experience or lack of experience and actual truck accident litigation shows up like in depositions of the driver, the company and the expert witnesses.

A personal injury attorney does not necessarily become a truck accident attorney simply because they practice in personal injury on an ongoing basis. Truck accident law firms handle a significant part of their practice in truck wreck claims because of their expertise developed over the years in handling this type of case.

Do not confuse and offshore injury law firm, and asbestos law firm or other, with a truck accident law firm. They are separate and distinct types of cases and involve different experts, and different expertise.

If you or loved one have been injured in a truck wreck called a real truck accident lawyer to help you protect your financial interests.

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