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Why Regulation of Big Rigs Is Necessary

Rules for Truck Drivers

Semi-truck accidents in Texas are all too common. Some estimates place the number of big rigs on Texas roads at over 3 million annually.

This is the equivalent of 570,000 railway cars and with numbers this high there are definite consequences. This includes wear and tear on the infrastructure but more important our concern is the human impact.

For example, only a week ago a near-fatal injury accident occurred near Houston on interstate 45 between a semi-truck and several passenger vehicles. It was a clear day and the following scenario should not have taken place.

Due to heavy rush hour traffic, a small bottleneck appeared on the highway causing drivers to slow. The semi-driver claims he did not see or realize that the automobiles in front of him were decelerating until he was nearly upon them and it was too late.

According to eyewitness reports, the semi-truck was traveling northbound when it smashed into two vehicles before swerving across the median and into the southbound lanes of I-45 where it came to rest in front of a rest stop.

One passenger needed to be airlifted to a nearby medical facility and over a hundred gallons of fuel spilled onto the roadway and surrounding area. The passenger cars were a complete loss.

Frankly, it is a miracle there was no greater loss of life and property damage in this example. It is easy to realize that the potential for a greater catastrophe was averted.

It’s times like these, though, that one can see the necessity for real truck accident attorneys who know trucking regulations and are trained to litigate the unique circumstances of a semi-truck accident.

This is also an example of why the federal government and Texas regulate professional truck drivers and trucking companies separately from nonprofessional drivers.

The safety rules for truck drivers and trucking companies are a framework designed to reduce the number of serious truck accidents on our highways. Such things as limiting the number of hours a driver can be on the job or behind the wheel can help reduce the number of fatigued driver accidents, provided the safety rules are followed.

Requiring daily inspections of the tractor-trailer and for all safety repairs to be completed before the big rig being placed back in-service attempts to keep unsafe vehicles off the road.

And making sure that the drivers are properly trained and qualified before they take the road with an 18-wheeler is necessary because of the complexities and limitations of these big trucks.

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