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Why You Should Investigate Attorneys Before Choosing Representation

Why you should investigate attorneys before choosing representation.

An injury 18-wheeler semi truck wreck case is complicated, so much so that only an experienced trucking accident attorney who knows the trucking regulations and trucking rules should be your choice of counsel.

No Substitute For Experience

There are diverse rules and regulations that are involved in the trial of a trucking accident personal injury case, that are starkly different from car accident claims.

For example, in truck accidents the strict trucking regulations govern length of time a truck driver is permitted to be on the road and the limit is fixed. The primary intention of such regulation is to keep drivers off the road incase they get tired or are sleepy.

These rules are called the “Hours of Service” and cover most, but not all commercial vehicle drivers.

For an excellent summary of the Hours of Service Regulations see:

The Best Truck Injury Lawyers Know the Rules

It’s often the case that truck drivers ignore restrictions on driving time because their main aim is to make more money. The truck drivers are paid as per the number of miles or hours on the job that is why they resort to such practice and often keep two sets of driving logs in order to keep their conduct of violating the safety rules a secret. It is only through hard work and experience that a real truck wreck attorney is able to discover the false log books in some instances.

Fake Log Books

Very infrequently, is a fake logbook discovered in the official investigation of the crash by authorities. However, GPS technology and programs used by some of the larger motor carriers dedicated to safety, can detect Hours of Service Rule violations if the software is implemented. We have found many instances were the driver cheated on the log books. Low pay and money problems can be a powerful temptation to drive more hours than allowed.

This is just one example of a safety rule that if violated and discovered, can be utilized effectively in the trial of a semi truck wreck accident claim.

Why You Need the Best Lawyers for an Injury Accident

That’s why the truck accident victims and their families require the support and assistance of experienced truck wreck lawyers who can evaluate how to obtain maximum compensation for their claims and use evidence of rule violations to show the attitude of the driver or company toward community safety.

We understand the devastating effects of a truck accident and what the victims have to go through after the loss of a loved one. Our law firm provides caring, aggressive legal representation for people who have been injured seriously in truck accidents as well as families of victims killed in a truck crash.

Truck crash victims should conduct due diligence when selecting a lawyer or a law firm to help them.

Avoid the High Volume Lawyers

Many law firms that handle thousands of mass tort claims seek also to claim they are truck accident lawyers. A little research can go a long way in making sure the attorney you choose really has the experience you need.

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