Federal regulation of trucking companies

Truckers are regulated by the FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY REGULATIONS, which provide comprehensive rules that both driver and Motor Carrier must follow. There are a few exemptions from the Regulations, but if the truck travels from state to state, the company and driver must comply with the regulations. Visit the link section of this Truck Accident Information Center for a link to The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Some of the main regulations which are important in many 18-wheeler lawsuits are as follows:

  • 391- Qualification of drivers -many times, drivers are not fit to drive as provided by the minimum standards of the regulations
  • 392- Driving of vehicles – this section provides for pre and post-trip inspections, the physical condition of the driver, and other important standards.
  • 393- Deals with necessary safety requirements for the condition of commercial vehicles- such as brakes, lighting, and warning reflectors.
  • 395- Provides the maximum on-duty and driving hours a driver can log.

Complete Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations can be found at www.fmcsa.dot.gov.Many states, including Texas, have adopted the FMCSR to apply to the Truck and Motor carrier operation in intra-State or transportation within the State of Texas-certain exemptions apply, however such as the use of Farm equipment.

You must find a qualified tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler accident attorney who is well versed in applying Motor Carrier rules and regulations and has a track record of success in trucking litigation.

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