Jackknife accidents

Eighteen-wheeler accidents of any kind are usually a catastrophic event for anyone involved. These can be caused by many variables that come into play while this forty to eighty thousand pound transport vehicle is sailing down a highway or inner city freeway. As most safety experts will to you, the majority of commercial truck wrecks and accidents are usually avoidable. Many tractor-trailer mishaps occur for reasons that pertain to the driver’s awareness, and the condition of the truck equipment. The reasons will vary, and many times the use of on board computers, law enforcement, accident reconstruction experts and private investigators hired by Texas truck accident lawyers will have to be involved to get to a root cause of such occurrences.

Some of the more deadly scenarios that can happen from a delayed reaction, or drunk driving with an eighteen-wheeler include, cell phones, prescription or illegal drugs, sleep deprivation, or just plain drinking liquor while operating such a large piece of equipment. This spells disaster in typically every accident that involves the tractor-trailer trying to stop too fast from the driver’s reaction. There is technology onboard the vehicle that tries to help prevent jackknifing, but there are times when it is inevitable.

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The many different trailers that are pulled behind commercial tractors can cause more damage than others, but any time a load of cargo that weighs several tons becomes out of control, the end result is never going to be a positive one. Flatbed trailers can cause a larger amount of damage, as the safety straps can become stressed, and break during a jackknife incident. Carrying steel pipes, or oil drilling equipment can create further damage, and cause fatalities when it is ejected from the trailer and lands on top of average sized personal automobiles.

Many times a piece of equipment one quarter the size of a SUV can weigh as much or even twice that of the vehicle it hits, and there will be no way of avoiding injuries, or almost instant death for the vehicles occupants on impact. There are many schools of thought on how to prevent these forms of accidents, but an alert, and safety conscious commercial driver is the best prevention of all.

With a jackknife truck accident the semi truck reaches a point of no return where the driver is going where the big rig points no matter what he does to try to control the tractor-trailer. The end result can be devastating if a family is in the way of an out of control truck.

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