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Do’s and Don’ts After An 18-Wheeler Injury Accident

Do’s and don’ts after an accident.


After a serious accident with the commercial vehicle, there are certain things that personal injury victims should do and shouldn’t do. The following is a list of things to do and things not to do after a serious injury crash.


• Get as much information as you can from the scene
• Make sure the investigating officers come to the scene and write a report
• Take photographs if you’re able
• Obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses that may be helpful
• Seek medical treatment when necessary
• Always follow up with your doctor’s further orders
• Understand that emergency rooms are only to treat life-threatening conditions and not necessarily diagnose non-life-threatening problems.
• Take photographs of your vehicle showing the damage if you did not get them at the scene
• Take your car to the auto repair shop where you want to repair it and let them deal directly with the trucking companies insurance company
• Concentrate on your recovery
• Your homework regarding any attorney you’re considering retaining


• Give a recorded statement to the adjuster
• Attempt to a settlement before you are released from your treating physicians
• Attempt to get the adverse insurer to pay your medical bills before settlement
• Settle a case based on estimated future medicals
• Try to tough it out by not following up with your doctors
• believe for one second that by accepting responsibility, the insurance company is promising to offer fair compensation
• Hire an attorney who is inexperienced in truck accidents
• Talk to or hire an attorney who approached you. It is illegal and unethical
• Let the adjuster string you along after your medical treatment has ended
• Wait until just before the statute of limitations to seek out a quality attorney
• Believe you will be treated the same without a lawyer as you would with one

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