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Driving in Fog – 392.14 Explained

Driving in fog.

The best advice for driving in dense fog is just don’t drive in it.

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Professional truck drivers are usually paid by the mile and are under enormous pressure to get their load delivered on time and pick up another one. This leads to driving under adverse conditions in an effort to make a paycheck.



The trucking safety regulations require extreme caution to be used when driving a 18 wheeler or tractor-trailer when hazardous conditions exist like fog, ice, snow or rain or smoke. Additionally, if conditions adversely affect visibility attraction a trucker must use extreme caution when driving.



At the minimum, the safety regulations require the truck driver to reduce his speed in adverse conditions. And when the situation becomes sufficiently dangerous, the truck driver must discontinue his trip until conditions improve and the truck can be safely driven.



Fog can appear suddenly and real danger is when it’s a patch of really dense fog reducing visibility to almost nothing. Additionally, when fog is combined with other elements such as smoke visible and can be zero.



Every driver should use caution when driving in adverse weather conditions, but the safety rules require big rig drivers to exercise “extreme” care in order to prevent serious injuries in truck accidents. Drive-in and 80,000-pound vehicles can do incredible damage to not one but multiple other vehicles.



Because of the increased size and weight of a big truck, truck drivers must be safer and more prudent than nonprofessional driver. The safety rules and the law require it.



Fog is actually the cloud that the citizens close around and is made up of tiny water parcels that are suspended in the air. The definition of heavy fog is where visibility is reduced to under one-fourth of a mile. When you hear the term “Dense Fog Advisory, ” it means that the visibility will be reduced to at least 2 to 3 city blocks.



The Fog Guide For All Drivers

First and foremost slowdown
• Expect patches of thicker fog
• Leave a greater safety cushion with the vehicle in front of you
• Activate all your lights, including hazards
• Be prepared for a sudden stop
• Your breaks frequently
• Watch for slow-moving or even stopped vehicles



Pulling over at a safe point is always the best course of action when encountering a very dense fog. Do not stop on the traveled portion of the highway, as it will increase the risk of getting plowed into by a motorist driving too fast for conditions.



Look for a safe place to park off the roadway where you’ll be out of danger of being hit by another vehicle traveling down the highway.


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