Truckers failing to maintain a safe following distance

Rear End Truck Wrecks

Rear End Truck Wrecks

A large percentage of semi-truck accidents occur because the truck driver failed to maintain a safe following the distance given the conditions on the roadway.

It is no secret that 18 wheelers take much longer to stop then a passenger car pickup truck. For that reason, semi trucks or tractor-trailers should follow with a safe distance between the big rig and the traffic ahead. At highway speeds, the big truck will take approximately one third longer to come to a stop then a car.

The problem is heightened when weather conditions or road conditions are adverse.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations under Section 392.14 provide that a commercial motor vehicle shall be driven with extreme caution when confronted with adverse conditions such as ice, fog mist or rain that adversely affect visibility or traction. The regulations also require a truck driver to reduce his speed when confronted with adverse conditions that affect visibility or traction.

A prudent trucker should operate his vehicle to allow a sufficient safe following distance between the vehicle in front of the truck to allow the truck to come to a safe stop without impacting the vehicle in front of them should an emergency’s situation develop. In other words, when you know your truck takes much longer to stop the vehicles in front of you you should allow extra distance between the vehicles.

Nevertheless, between driving too fast in adverse conditions and following too closely to the vehicles in front of them, a record number of truck accidents have resulted in serious injuries to the occupants of vehicles in front of big rigs.

Stopping distance includes reaction time for the driver to perceive the need to stop and apply the brakes. From the time the brakes are applied to the time the truck comes to a complete stop is known as the braking distance.

Braking distance has many variables which include the makeup of the highway, factors involving the tire such as tread, weight of the vehicle, condition of the brakes and weather such as rain ice or snow which can make the roadway more slippery and adversely affect stopping distance.

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