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Adverse Weather and Truck Wrecks

Adverse weather and truck wrecks.

truck wrecks in bad weather

Everyone should reduce their speed and allow more distance between the vehicle in front of them when the weather turns adverse. Common sense tells us that if the weather gets bad enough we should stay off the road or pull off in a safe area until we can drive safely.

Whether it is a Houston downpour with reduced visibility or ice or sleet in the winter, adjusting your vehicle speed for conditions of the roadway is critical to safety.

Truckers Must Comply With The Rules About Adverse Weather

With tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers, it becomes even more critical that a professional truck driver adjusts to adverse driving conditions and in some cases stays off the road completely. There’s little doubt that a professional driver should follow the rules of the road, and with respect to adverse weather conditions, those rules for professional truck drivers are clear.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations expressly provide for situations where a truck driver is confronted with weather conditions that could affect the safety of travel. Section 392.14 provides that extreme caution must be used when hazardous conditions exist. Truck drivers must reduce their speed for conditions.

Further, under the regulations, should the conditions become sufficiently dangerous, the truck driver must quit driving until the vehicle can be operated safely.

Weather is Never a Valid Excuse

Weather is never an excuse for a truck accident. If a professional driver follows the rules and reduces speed accordingly or discontinues driving until the tractor-trailer can be operated safely, an accident should not occur because of weather. Fog, rain, sleet, or snow can be very dangerous when on the highway.

Knowing the regulations and the minimum safety standards that apply to truck drivers and trucking companies is critically important to advancing a lawsuit after a truck crash. Always look for the best attorney for a truck crash case.

Get a Trucking Accident Attorney Who Knows the Law

Just as weather is not an excuse for a professional driver, hiring an attorney who does not know by heart the rules applicable to truckers is asking for trouble.

Hiring an attorney not intimately familiar with the regulations is almost always a mistake for a truck accident case.

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