When oversize loads cause damage

All of us have been on the highway and seen an “oversized load” either too high or too wide. Unfortunately, many times the big rig carrying the load causes damage to the highway, other vehicles or the infrastructure.

A recent example of this occurred in Montgomery County, Texas yesterday when an 18 wheeler was carrying a high load and struck the power lines on FM 3083 just north of FM 2920. The big rig was accompanied by an escort truck which had an indicator which should have told the commercial truck driver won the Rick would not fit under the infrastructure.

Despite the escort truck, the driver of the commercial truck struck the power lines which in turn damaged not only the power lines but also contiguous property. The result was that the road was closed for a lengthy period of time, homes and businesses were out of electricity during that period and the community was forced to respond to an emergency.

Repairs of the power lines were acquired and it is assumed that the expense was substantial and responded to this emergency.

In Houston, we have had tractor-trailers that have struck overpasses, columns and cause substantial damage to highways and bridges, and overpasses and exits. Each time the expensive repair has been significant and the other cost to the community as far as backed up traffic and increase times for commuters almost immeasurable.

Most of the time oversize loads are required to have other help which is calculated to reduce the risk to damage of other vehicles and property. With high loads, often a bucket truck will precede the semi truck to ensure that the load will not cause damage to things above it.

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