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Accidents caused by oversize loads

Accidents caused by oversize loads.


Everyone has driven down a Texas highway and has been forced to avoid a semi truck hauling an “oversize load”. The reality is that oversize loads are dangerous to the truck driver and also to the general public.

Texas has certain limitations in size and weight that, when exceeded, will require an oversized load permit. Generally, the maximum dimensions for a big rig in Texas are:

* Width – 8’6?
* Height – 14 feet
* Length – depends upon the vehicle.

A gross weight of up to 8000 pounds maximum is allowed on the highways without a special permit.

If a motor carrier is hauling an oversize load they must submit an application to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain an appropriate oversize permit.

Apparently, the state of Texas balances the interests of the public with the need to move goods across the state. Such things as super duty equipment, manufacturing housing and even house transport are possible on our highways.

The super heavy category includes vehicles that may exceed 254,300 pounds or over 200,000 pounds with less than 95 feet of axle spacing.

Oversize Loading Accidents

Truck wrecks happen in a variety of circumstances when an oversize load is involved. Because the truck or the tractor-trailer generally takes up more than a single lane of traffic, other traffic is forced to the speed of the big truck and often forced off the roadway when committed into the proximity of the truck.

Even a slight movement on the part of a big truck with an oversize load can endanger any vehicle and the surrounding area. Despite having accompanying vehicles both in front of and behind an oversize load, this type of accidents frequently occur.

Usually, the route that the big truck is going to take has been analyzed to balance the delivery of the load with the potential for negatively impacting local traffic.

Duty to Comply With Safety Regs

The Federal Trucking Regulations provide general duties on the part of both truck drivers and motor carriers, including making sure that the load is properly secured and adequately and safely loaded.

With the increased risk of truck accidents, oversized loads are undoubtedly a risk to the community.

If you have questions regarding a semi-truck crash that you believe was caused by an oversized load or improperly loaded cargo, contact the best semi-truck accident attorney you can find as soon as possible after the crash.

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