Physical condition of truck drivers

Semi-truck driving and safety depend on the physical condition of the trucker, and statistics regarding the physical state of the semi-truck driver are very important. This information is much more difficult to uncover – particularly in this day and age of numbers and data. What follows is what I can share.

Average Age of Truck Drivers

*A recent survey found that the average age of semi-truck drivers is 44.4 years old. This is expected to increase in the coming years as fewer individuals turn to drive semi-trucks as a career choice. This can be good because a middle-aged driver tends to be safer than a young commercial driver.

Older Truck Drivers

*A not insignificant number of semi-truck drivers are aged 65 and older. Research has shown that all aspects of the human experience deteriorate rapidly as we age – including everything from sight to hearing and reaction times to the physical capability to handle machines of this size and magnitude.

While middle-aged drivers tend to be the safest, it is a fine line between experience and the time when an older driver should not be controlling 80,000-pound vehicles.

Several semi-truck tragedies were the cause of ‘elderly’ semi-truck drivers – such as the one that claimed up to ten lives when the 70-something driver failed to recognize that traffic was stopped on the highway and he plowed through several vehicles.

Safety Standards for Truckers

Semi-truck driving standards are of importance to all of us. The safety standards for commercial truck drivers are designed to protect the public to the extent possible. There is a balance between getting the number of truck drivers we need to keep our economy moving and ensuring our roadways are safe.

Trucker Regulation

Section 391 of the Federal Regulations sets the general qualifications of drivers and has very specific rules that must be followed for the driver to be qualified.

One of the most important rules is section 391.11(b)4, which states that a truck driver must be physically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle. Subpart E contains rules regarding physical qualifications and examinations a truck driver must meet to be qualified to drive.

Medical Exams

The medical examiners have a set profile they must look at to determine if the driver is physically able to operate a big rig. However, as a practical matter, there’s only so much we can expect out of a physical examination. Many truck drivers down the road probably are not as safe as we would hope from a physical perspective.

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