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What Causes Houston Truck Accidents?

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Big rigs are large commercial trucks that often weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. When an accident occurs with a large truck, the injuries may be life-threatening. Many thousands of trucks travel on Houston roads every day. There are several reasons 18-wheelers cause accidents. If you suffered serious injuries due to a truck accident, you may have compensation for your damages. An experienced Houston truck accident attorney can help you get the money you deserve for your injuries.

Factors That Cause or Contribute to Truck Accidents in Houston

Factors that cause or contribute to accidents fall into three categories:
Driver errors
● Mechanical malfunctions
● Bad weather or road conditions

Driver error is anything that the driver does or fails to do that prevents him or her from driving safely. Some of the common driver errors include speeding, fatigue, inexperience, improper lane changes, failure to obey traffic lights, driving while distracted, and many others. Mechanical problems can create dangerous driving conditions.

The two most common mechanical problems with trucks are brake malfunctions and tire blowouts. Road conditions can make driving more dangerous. Some weather or road conditions that may contribute to a crash include roads slick with rain or ice, fog, sun, debris on the road, and potholes.

Critical Events and Associated Factors

Following an accident, the police make a report and transmit it to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). TxDOT documents these reports and keeps track of the cause of the crash noted on the report. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) tracks truck accidents. There is typically more than one factor that causes or contributes to an accident. The FMCSA identifies critical events and associated factors for crashes.

Critical Event

A critical event puts the truck on a path in which it is difficult to avoid a collision. The FMCSA identified the three most common critical events that cause semi-truck accidents. These include losing control of the vehicle, running out of the travel lane, and hitting the rear of another vehicle.

Associated Factors

While the critical event is likely the main factor in an accident, other factors can contribute to crashes. The FMCSA identified the most common associated factors in truck accidents. Some of these include:
Brake malfunction
● Traffic flow
● Driving too fast for conditions
● Prescription drug use
● Being unfamiliar with the road
● Road conditions
● Inattention
● Fatigue

Following a crash, it is necessary to assess the accident and determine the cause, along with many contributing factors.

Determining the Cause of a Truck Accident

The crash’s cause will help determine the negligent party in the accident. The negligent party is responsible for the damages that resulted from the crash, including medical expenses, lost wages, and money for pain and suffering. Truck accidents can be complicated. It is helpful to seek guidance from a knowledgeable Houston truck accident lawyer. Your lawyer will gather and evaluate the evidence in the case to determine the likely cause and factors of the incident to establish negligence. There can be several causes of a trucking accident, and more than one party can be found negligent.

The Process Starts with a Truck Accident Investigation

The first step after an injury accident with a semi-truck is for a truck accident attorney to conduct a truck accident investigation. The sooner the process starts, the better for the case. Critical evidence must be obtained. Including, in some cases, the black box data and other vital proof.

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